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Stained Glass Windows at Knox Chapel United Methodist Church in Cleveland, NC

     In 2016, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed two opalescent glass windows at Knox Chapel United Methodist Church in Cleveland, NC.  The two front windows (size 36" wide x 103" high) each received a 16" x 22" hand-stained glass medallion with a Biblical scene and a memorial plate.  The two scenes chosen were Christ "Come Unto Me" and the "Road to Emmaus".
     Laws removed the existing wood sashes and installed the leaded window into the existing wood frame.  The outside wood was flashed with white aluminum.  On the exterior, 1/4" Lucite acrylic was installed as the protective covering.

View of the front of the church before the new windows.

Close-up of the window from the inside before the installation


Opalescent glass window with a 16" x 22" medallion depicting the "Road to Emmaus"

Close-up of the "Road to Emmaus" scene


Opalescent glass window with a 16" x 22" hand-stained glass medallion of "Come Unto Me"

Opalescent glass window with 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering

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Knox Chapel United Methodist Church

11445 Statesville Blvd.

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11445 Statesville Blvd, Cleveland, NC 27013